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DR. DIESEL TECHNOLOGIES has partnered with Cojali USA to develop the Diagnostic Analyzer Test Set – Marine (DATS-M).  The DATS-M is the true “all-in-one” diagnostic tool needed to diagnose and troubleshoot commercial and recreational marine watercraft configured with SAE J1708 / J1939, OBD-II or CAN Bus protocols.

The DATS-M includes the following:

  • Panasonic Toughbook PC model options: CF-19, CF-20 or FZ-55
  • (3 year warranty FZ-55 & CF-20)
  • Advanced Equipment Interface Adapter
  • Rugged Carrying Case with custom foam
  • Jaltest Marine Advanced Diagnostic Software
  • 1031 Models
  • 2756 Systems
  • 1493 Schematics
  • 15920 Troubleshooting by Symptoms
  • 22 Inboard Engine Brands
  • 11 Outboard Engine Brands
  • 4 Jet Ski Brands
  • 23 Stationary Engine Brands
  • Digital Pressure tester – 5000 psi
  •  12/24 Volt Power Invertor

The perfect diagnostic solution for over 60 Brands: MTU, CAT, CUMMINS, Evinrude, Honda, Mercury and many others.


The DATS-M is a scalable marine diesel diagnostic solution which can be customized to match the specific needs of your maintenance operations.

No shop is too small or too large for the DATS-M

The DATS-M marine diesel diagnostic solution includes the following features:

  • Intuitive menu driven interface
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Detailed Fault Code (DTC) listing
  • Clear Fault Codes (DTC’s)
  • System Configuration Data
  • Monitoring real time live data
  • Operational Data (graphs, gauges, bar charts)
  • Data Recorder (PDF & Excel format)
  • Perform calibrations
  •  Universal Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM): Technical Data, Schematics, Component specifications, Component locators

Interactive Wiring Schematics – While navigating over the wiring schematics, the components are highlighted and the technical information including relevant technical manuals, component technical data, comments and component location can be directly accessed.

System Overview – Understanding how systems work can be a complex task.  System overview diagrams are provided with real-time readings of pneumatic, electrical, and fuel schematics with their corresponding images, locations and much more to speed up the technician’s and mechanic’s work.

Virtual Instruments / Graphs – Live visual aids are provided to the technician’s and mechanic’s to verify component and sensor values and understand the actual status of available vessel sub-systems.

Shop Workflow – Client Work orders, relevant shop forms and workflow are provided and managed by the Garage Resource Planning (GRP).  The GRP is an optimized workshop management solution that shares customer information, vessel data, diagnostic reports, work order management and repair times across other connected Jaltest Marine configured DATS-M systems across your company.  The GRP allows for the assignment of various user levels based on capability and user rights. The GRP enables you to provide your clients consistent look and feel formatting of work orders and reports, regardless of engine manufacture, make or model.


DATS-M & Jaltest Marine – Industry leading diagnostic solutions for the marine workshop.  You grow as Jaltest Marine grows.  The service includes annual updates which include new innovations, increase of database of supported engine/vessel manufactures, models and features.

DATS-M is an all-makes and all-systems diagnostic tool specifically designed and developed to perform the most advanced vessel diagnostics and maintenance tasks in an easy and intuitive way.

DATS-M is not just another code reader.  It also features bi-directional controls and guided troubleshooting procedures with the capability to perform “Dealer level” diagnostics to electronically controlled watercraft sub-systems to include engine, electronic shifter, transmission, etc…

DATS-M also includes the capability to interface to the system diagnostic bus wireless (Bluetooth) and through wired USB communications.

The DATS-M also includes

The diagnostic tool is powered by standard A/C power or 12/24 Volt power supply.

The DATS-M is contained in rugged carrying cases with custom foam insert and tool tray.

The DATS-M laptop computer is rugged MIL-STD G compliant not weighing more than 5.1 lbs when deployed and 18.5 lbs when stored in the rugged carrying case.

The DATS-M includes the following service and support:

  •  3 year “No Fault” Warranty (Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 & FZ-55).
  • 1 year warranty for Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 (Refurbished).
  • Online “How to” instruction videos.
  • Website downloads and support forum to download updates.

Download Price list Here: DATS-M Price List

Download Price list Here: DATS-M Individual Component Price List



These are just some of the many benefits of the DATS-M marine diesel diagnostic solution:

  • Reduce licensing cost by up to 80%
  • Reduce Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • Increase Operational Readiness
  • All-in-one diagnostic system
  • Common Interface for all platforms
  • Highly portable and small form factor
  • Advanced level diagnostic capability
  • Universal IETM concept

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