The DR. DIESEL TECHNOLOGIES Tele-Matics Solution is an automated cost effective wireless data collection system for equipment configured with SAE J1708/J1587 & J1939 CAN bus and OBD-II such as heavy duty fleet vehicles, diesel engines, construction equipment and automobiles.

The Tele-Matics solution is an autonomous system with a small footprint which does not require operator involvement beyond the initial set up.

The Tele-Matics solution collects vehicle & equipment data at the platform, stores the data at the platform, then sends the data to the Base Station. The Base Station receives the data and sends it to the fleet operations / maintenance and the fleet Enterprise.

Benefits of the Tele-Matics Solution

• Accurate vehicle & equipment reporting status (Operational Readiness)
• Accurate usage cycle of vehicle and equipment (Logistics planning & PMCS scheduling)
• Accurate data collection (Enable CBM initiatives)

iVID - Intelligent Vehicle Interface Device

iVID is a scalable unit which can be programmed to match the specific digital profile of the vehicle. In addition, the iVID can be programmed with a unique ID.

Data Collection – four categories of data are captured:
Alerts – Detects and reports Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s)
Trip Data – Reports trip totals; Miles, Hours, Fuel used, etc…
Data Collection – Reports relevant operational data for Fleet Management and trending analysis
Triggers – Reports vehicle over speed incidents, out of range for Oil PSI, Coolant & Fuel Temperature, etc…
Data Store – Storage of collected data (non-volatile)
Data Transmit – Autonomously transmits data to the Base Station

DATS - Diagnostic Analyzer Test Set - (End Of Life EOL)

This version of the DATS is obsolete.  Please visit the following page for the latest version of our product: The DATS ECHO (https://www.drdieseltech.com/products/ground.html)

The DATS MARINE (https://www.drdieseltech.com/marine.html)


•The capability to interface to all Marine Corps Tactical vehicles and systems equipped with an SAE J1939 diagnostic bus and other diagnostic protocols.

•The capability to perform “Dealer level” diagnostics to all electronically controlled vehicle sub-systems to include engine, transmission, Anti-lock Braking system, Central Tire Inflation System and Fire Control System on the following vehicle systems; HIMARS, LVSR, MTVR and MRAP variants such as Cougar, Buffalo and M-ATV.

•The capability to display Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals for the following systems: MTVR, LVSR, HMWWV, M939 5-Ton, HIMARS, M88 Hercules, 155 Howitzer, LAV and M1A1.

•The capability to interface to the system diagnostic bus wirelessly and through wired communications.

•The capability to perform wireless diagnostics via the Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM’s).

•The test equipment ispowered by standard A/C power and NATO 24 Volt power supply.

•The test equipment is contained in a single rugged carrying case.

•The test equipment is rugged MIL-STD G compliant not weighing more than 5.1 lbs when deployed and 18.5 lbs when stored in the rugged carrying case.

•The test equipment includes the following service and support:

o 3 year “No Fault” Warranty

o “In theater” support to include Iraq and Afghanistan

o Website downloads and support forum to download IETM and ETM updates

Download Product Flyer Here: DATS-I USMC Version (EOL)

Download Product Flyer Here: DATS-II USMC Tablet Version (EOL)

Download Product Flyer Here: DATS-I USMC Heavy Equipment Version (EOL)

Download Product Flyer Here: DATS-I U.S. Army Version (EOL)

Download Product Flyer Here: DATS-II U.S. Army Tablet Version (EOL)

HMMWV 4L80e TCM with DPA 5

The DATS kits can now be configured with the DG Tech’s DPA 5 vehicle interface adapter. The DPA 5 enables the technician to establish the diagnostic interface between the vehicle and the DATS. This interface is accomplished via a USB connection or a Bluetooth wireless connection with a maximum effective range of 50 feet. But more importantly, the DPA 5 also enables the U.S. Military technician to perform diagnostics on the 4L80e TCM using the USB interface. The 4L80e TCM is the transmission controller used on the HMMWV. The U.S. Military technician can perform diagnostic tests such as Read Active codes, Read Historic Codes and Clear Codes via the EMS-2 HMMWV IETM or the EMS Next Gen HMMWV IETM

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